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    13 marzo, 2014 • Sin categoría

    Latin American Nations Back Ecuador in $10 Billion Fight With Chevron
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    Chevron can´t stop the truth
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    29 enero, 2014 • Sin categoría

    Mia Farrow visited Tuesday one of the contaminated sites
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    This is the dirty hand of Chevron
  • Latin American Nations Back Ecuador in $10 Billion Fight With Chevron

    By ADAM KLASFELD QUITO, Ecuador (CN) – Twelve Latin American nations plan to form an organization “in a few months” opposing Chevron’s international arbitration against Ecuador in The Hague, Ecuador’s deputy foreign minister told Courthouse News on Tuesday. “We will create an Observatory of Transnational Corporations to exchange information,

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  • Chevron can´t stop the truth

    The world must know THE DIRTY HAND OF CHEVRON. Sharing this video is making justice.

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  • Mia Farrow visited Tuesday one of the contaminated sites

    Mia Farrow visited Tuesday one of the contaminated sites near Lago Agrio in the northeastern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Chevron-Texaco produced oil in this area in the mid seventies and early eighties, and ceased operations in this oil field by 1982.  No other company has operated in this field since Texaco abandoned it.   …

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  • Hundreds of protesters have broken into a Chevron site after the US oil giant resumed its search for shale gas in northeast Romania. RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports from the scene, where clashes ensued as riot police started streaming in. Some 250 people gathered on Saturday in the village of Pungesti. RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports that …

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  • This is the dirty hand of Chevron

    Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, verified firsthand the pollution footprint left by U.S. oil company Chevron, after 26 years operating in Ecuador’s Amazon.  

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  • Ecuador’s struggle against Chevron must become a reference in Latin America, said the Chilean analyst

    Quito, December 4 (Andes).- Ecuador’s struggle against the transnational company Chevron must become a reference for Latin American countries to establish a common policy against foreign capital abuses, according to Roberto Pizarro, an economist from Universidad de Chile and former Minister of Planning for Chile (between 1996 and 1998). Pizarro, who’s background includes a

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  • Filmmaker, Explorer and International Activist for Water Conservation Alexandra Cousteau, will Visit the Areas Contaminated by Chevron in the Ecuadorian Rainforest

    Quito, Ecuador (PRWEB) November 22, 2013 Alexandra Cousteau will visit this week the areas that were contaminated by Texaco, now Chevron, in the Ecuadorean Amazon, to convey to the world the situation that the affected communities lived through in the last few decades due to the company’s denial to correct the immense environmental damage. Cousteau …

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  • Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

    Chevron, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age, figures show   The climate crisis of the 21st century has been caused largely by just 90 companies, which between them produced nearly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions generated since the dawning of the industrial age, new research …

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  • 90 companies account for two-thirds of global man-made emissions

    Chevron, Exxon and BP are the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions since the dawn of the industrial age. Nov. 20 (UPI) – Research conducted by Richard Heede at the Climate Accountability Institute in Colorado suggests that 90 companies across the world are the top emitters of harmful greenhouse gases. The list includes oil companies Chevron, Exxon …

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  • Goliath’s nasty ways

     The global oil major Chevron has used all the dirty tricks that money and political power can buy to avoid paying for the damage it has caused to the Ecuadorian Amazon and its indigenous communities. BIG multinational oil companies usually do an impressive public relations job. Advertisements and laudatory media reports show how “green” and …

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