Mia Farrow visited Tuesday one of the contaminated sites

Mia Farrow visited Tuesday one of the contaminated sites near Lago Agrio in the northeastern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Chevron-Texaco produced oil in this area in the mid seventies and early eighties, and ceased operations in this oil field by 1982.  No other company has operated in this field since Texaco abandoned it.
Farrow walked through the area verifying the various lasting effects of the toxic waste in the nearby bodies of water and on the vegetation.  One of Texaco’s regular practices to dispose the waste from oil production was to connect pieces from the pits filled with toxic wastewater from the oil production directly into streams and swamps to keep the pits from overflowing when it rained.  A handful of plant life has been able to adapt to the toxic soil
At the sludge pit:
Showing her hand covered with a black, oily sludge, Farrow said:
“I am picking up here some of the oil spill that Texaco have left behind here in this beautiful and fragile forest and to see some of the damage that it’s done, it smells bad, and kills everything. There’s only three kinds of vegetation that live on the top of it is [....] down into the water table, the streams into all the water systems. You know to me, I teach my children two things — I hope.  And these two things are responsibility and respect and to me this is the epitome of disrespect and irresponsibility.  Disrespect, yes, for all the environment but all the people who live here, for the earth we have inherited.  It makes me sick.”
At the press conference:
“You know, right now I feel a tremendous sense of outrage.  My personal belief is that outrage is a good thing because it can motivate us in this just fury to take action.”
 “You know, the very word Texaco, right now… I just now washed my hands and is nauseating.  It makes me feel nauseous and angry, outraged.  …We are talking about Chevron… should be making every good faith effort to combine forces with whomever will assist in the, in a legitimate clean up of all the oil spills. …But you know what, I’m speaking as a private citizen and as a mother.  This is how we would do it in my family.  The person who makes the mess, cleans it up….”
“I mean you have a democracy here, and you vote, use that vote.  In our purchases, I personally would drive further to avoid a Chevron station and I would write Chevron and I would encourage any one to write to them and say step up and do the right thing for Ecuador and for this planet.”   

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Published on: 29 enero, 2014

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